Bot Platform for Ecommerce

Chatkoo allows you to create your own ecommerce bot in 3 minutes that has direct integration with your online store

abandoned cart for not using ecommerce bot

Abandoned Cart

Around 70% of customers abandon their carts. Imagine if you can reach them to remind their carts, you can increase your online store revenue.


no response for not using ecommerce bot

Lack of Responses

Currently, there are around 2 billion messages sent by customers to business via Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, 60% of them are not answered. The main issue is because there's no scalable way to respond with


Meet Facebook Messenger

Messenger has 80% open rate and 4 - 10 times higher CTA compared with email. Reminding them using Messenger will increase ROI 10x better than email campaigns.

It becomes the most effective channel for recovering the loss, remarketing, and support


Bots are what innovative businesses are using to increase response rate and recover the loss using Messenger. Chatkoo bot platform allows you to create your own ecommerce bot in 3 minutes. No coding required

Unified Inbox

All those incoming messages from multiple messenger accounts will display in the same inbox


Remind your customers once they forget to process their carts on your online store, send receipt, shipping and more


Reengage your customers using campaign to send targeted messages

Bot Building Blocks

Create your bot that can sell without coding required in 3 minutes

Live Chat

Handle manual conversation from multiple Messenger accounts in one place with your team

Direct Ecommerce Integration

Seamlessly and directly integrated with your ecommerce platforms to your bots

How It Works

When your customers forget to process their carts on your ecommerce sites, Chatkoo will send them a reminder to complete the process, such as abandoned carts, order receipts, shipping updates, and more.

Reminding your customers will help you re-engage, increase transparancy, and convert more sales.


Download and install Chatkoo plugin into your ecommerce site platform. Once it's done, a messenger checkbox will display on Cart Page. Let your customers select it.

Customer Opt-In

Once your customers select the Messenger checkbox button, they automatically become your subscribers.


Your ecommerce bot will notify your customers based on several events, such as abandoned cart, shipping updates, order receipt, and more.

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