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A lot of people ask me why I build Chatkoo when they are plenty of options for Bot Platform

Bot platform service becomes mainstream when Facebook for the first time launch the Messenger Platform

With Messenger Platform, business can do so many things on Messenger than the messaging itself. It enables them to create a conversational commerce experience for their customers, such as accepting payment, sending rich messaging templates, and many more.

But, when business want to unlock those potentials, they need a developer team to do that because Facebook only provides the API.

This gap is what attract people to build their own version of bot platform. Basically, Bot Platform is a tool that allows people to create their own bot that runs on a specific messaging platform, without having the ability to code or having a developer team.

But the problem was none of the options were right for me.

I run an ecommerce business. Everyday, we receive the messages from our customers thru Facebook Page that we can't respond on time because there's no scalable way to do that.

Deploying a bot was a good idea, but we were still struggling.

Many bot platforms out there are not just fit for ecommerce business. We need a lot of third party integrations, and sometimes still need to code, to make it works.

That's why I build Chatkoo

Chatkoo is a simple bot platform that allows you to create your own ecommerce bot. It's a tool that enable you to recover abandoned cart, send order updates, targeted campaign, and many more. The bot will run on Facebook Messenger.

Chatkoo has direct integration with ecommerce platform, such as Woocommerce and Shopify, so that you don't need another third party tools, like Zapier or IFTTT, to integrate the bot into your ecommerce site

And for any reasons, you don't think Chatkoo is the best way to build your ecommerce bot on Messenger, you won't pay a penny.

If you have any questions, just ask me at rizki@chatkoo.com or simply just chat on our web live chat, It will be replied by human, not a bot.😊

Rizki Aditya,