Never Miss an Opportunity on Facebook Messenger

Create a bot for recovering abandoned cart, sending order updates, targeted campaigns, and more. It's easy and free


How Chatkoo Can Help You

Achieve Your Business Goals:

Acquire Customers

When people contact your business using private messaging, it means they are interested, do not let them go, bot will help you to be available 24/7

Send Updates

Using Chatkoo bot platform, you can send abandoned cart reminder, order receipt, shipping updates, and more. Turn your conversations into conversions.

Why Facebook Messenger

Currently, there are 1.3 billion people (and keep growing..) and around 2 billion messages sent between customers and business on Facebook Messenger, unfortunately most of those messages unanswered by the business. Using Bot will helps business to reply the messages from their customers with 24/7 available time.

Facebook Messenger has average 80% open rate and 4 - 10 times higher CTA compared to email. It becomes the most effective channel for Marketing and Support.

How It Works



Integrate your Facebook Messenger and online store into Chatkoo bot platform.You can add multiple Messenger accounts


2. Customer Opt-In

Download and Install Chatkoo Plugin into your Ecommerce site. When It's done, Messenger Opt-in button will display on your Product Page, let your customers select that checkbox


Bots take action

Your bot will send the message to targeted customers. It can be abandoned cart, order updates, and more..



Know what's going on, Chatkoo will generate reports on message sends, engagement, and more.

Bot Platform Designed for


Unified Inbox

All those incoming messages from multiple messenger accounts will display in the same inbox


Remind your customers once they forget to process their carts on your online store, send receipt, shipping and more


Reengage your customers using campaign to send targeted messages

Bot Building Blocks

Create your bot that can sell without coding required in 3 minutes

Live Chat

Handle manual conversation from multiple Messenger accounts in one place with your team

Direct Ecommerce Integration

Seamlessly and directly integrated with your ecommerce platforms to your bots

Why Chatkoo Different

Bot or Human? Both.

Chatkoo allows you to take over the conversation from bot in case your customers want to talk with real human. With Unified Inbox, you can handle the conversations from multiple messenger accounts in one inbox with your team

Designed for Ecommerce

Seamlessly integrated with ecommerce platforms. Currently, Chatkoo available on Woocommerce, more platforms coming soon

No Coding Required

Chatkoo designed for non technical people just like you. Create and deploy Messenger bot without coding required in 3 minutes

Simple Pricing

Affordable pricing for small medium business and enterprise

Free for first 14 days

Chatkoo is free for first 14 days, no credit card required. 

No Risk

If you are not happy, you can cancel anytime. Cancellation is simple, just uninstall our plugin and disconnect all your Messenger accounts


$29/mo 0 - 1,000 Monthly Customers

  • 1 User Admin
  • 1 Bot Accounts
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unified Inbox
  • Human Takeover
  • Unlimited Broadcast Message
  • Whitelabel Branding


$69/mo 1,000 - 3,000 Monthly Customers POPULAR
  • 5 User Admins
  • Unlimited Bot Accounts
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unified Inbox
  • Human Takeover
  • Unlimited Broadcast Message
  • Whitelabel Branding


$99/mo 3,000 - 8,000 Monthly Customers
  • +$20 for Additional 1,000 Customers
  • 10 User Admins
  • Unlimited Bot Accounts
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unified Inbox
  • Human Takeover
  • Unlimited Broadcast Message
  • Whitelabel Branding
  • NLP Integrations
  • Support Priority
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 22% higher customer satisfaction rate than call center
  • +11% increase in booking rate through Sephora Reservation Assistant vs. other booking vehicles
  • 75% of messages sent by the Messenger Bot were read by customers

Common Questions

What is Monthly Customers?

Monthly customers are the customers that opt in via Messenger checkbox on your online store or person who contact your Messenger bots.

Example calculation: Let say you have 3 bots, each bot receive 1000 montly customers, so you will be charged 3000 monthly customers

Can I create my bot too?

Definitely, you can create your own bot using Chatkoo platform. It's not just a reminder tool, It's all in one tool that can help you to reengage and support your customers, both using bot and human

What ecommerce do you provide?

Currently we are only available for Woocommerce users, but we will add more platform anytime soon.. We think of Shopify for next platform. Stay tuned..

What messaging do you provide for the bot?

Currently, we are only available on Facebook Messenger because we think there's no such a platform that can provide the complete experience except Facebook Messenger

Need a custom bot for your brand?

Just drop the message to